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Welcome to Spot On Driving

Spot On Driving is a family run business, that has been providing quality driving tuition in North Dorset for 5 years.

We are really very proud of the excellent Customer Reviews we’ve received from all of our past pupils.

At Spot On, we guarantee that all lessons are carefully planned between the instructor and the learner; therefore, the learner driver clearly understands what they aim to achieve in every lesson.

At the end of each lesson instructors help learners to fill out a Reflective Log. This enables the learner to assess whether they feel that the lesson aims have been achieved, and how they would like to progress in the following lesson. This way the learner driver has control of their own learning.

Customers who choose to learn to drive with Spot On Driving will gain the skills and knowledge to pass their Practical Driving Test, as well as to become a safe driver.

Throughout their lessons they will develop hazard awareness and defensive driving knowledge to stay safe on the roads after passing the test.

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10 Hours Driving Tuition For Just £300

Why choose Spot On Driving?

Our instructors are patient, calm and will endeavour to help you to enjoy and feel at ease in your lessons

All lessons are carefully planned to cater for your individual needs, and to enable you to learn at your own pace

You will receive guidance on preparing for your lessons, a video to watch and/or some notes to read. Preparing for lessons is your own choice, but will result in less lessons needed overall, saving you time and money

You will receive support and help with the Theory Test

Instructors are committed to CPD (Continual Professional Development), to ensure that they are teaching using up to date methods and techniques

Throughout your lessons you will develop the skills, not only to pass your driving test, but to become a safe driver

Many Spot On learners pass their driving test on their 1st attempt!

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