How to Pass the Theory Test

how to pass the theory test

This blog will cover: About the Theory Test Applying for the Theory Test Special Needs and the Theory Test Preparing for the Theory test The Day of the theory test About the Theory Test Before you can book your Practical Driving Test you must take and pass a theory test. There are two parts to…

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How To Drive Around Roundabouts

Roundabouts are one way circular roads whose aim is to keep traffic from several roads flowing. Many people are confused about how to drive around them.  Some drivers choose the wrong lanes, or they signal incorrectly potentially causing confusion to other road users. The aim of this blog is to explain which lanes to choose…

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Top Tips For Drivng In The Sun

driving in the sun

It’s fantastic to get some hot sunny weather in the summer months, but it can cause difficulties for drivers. You can be more prepared for long hot journeys by: Checking your tyre pressures. Make sure you check them when they’re cool, so before starting your journey. Checking the level of your engine coolant. A minimum…

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Dealing with Test Day Nerves

Have you got your driving test soon? Are you feeling overly nervous about it? Well you’re not alone, but try not to worry. Nerves are something that we all suffer with from time to time, but unfortunately affect some people much more than others. In this blog, I will cover some really helpful information, tips…

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Reversing A Car In A Straight Line

All drivers need to reverse their cars regularly, but it is something that many people struggle to perform accurately and, therefore, safely. As part of the UK Practical Driving Test you will be required to perform one reversing manoeuvre. This may be: Reverse Bay Park Forwards Bay Park (and reverse out again) Parallel Park Pull…

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Show Me, Tell Me


As part of the UK practical driving test you will be expected to know the answers to a series of questions. These are referred to as the Show Me Tell Me questions. The purpose is for the learner driver to demonstrate knowledge about basic car maintenance and controls. Show Me There are seven Show Me…

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The New Driving Test

Major changes have been made, by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), to the Practical Driving Test. The changes were implemented in December 2017 following trials lasting 2 years. They were designed to ‘make sure new drivers have the skills they’ll need to help them through a lifetime of safe driving’ ( DVSA state…

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Learner Drivers on Motorways

From 4th June this year, Learner Drivers will be allowed to practice driving on Motorways for the first time ever. This is a fantastic opportunity for learners to gain valuable experience with an instructor, prior to passing their driving test and going it alone. Until now, the first time that many drive on these faster…

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Top Tips For Driving On Icy Roads

driving on ice

This time of year can be extremely hazardous if the roads are wet or icy. Before starting a journey it’s important to think about what the condition of the roads may be. Ask yourself the following questions: Have you had to clear your car of ice before driving away? Are grass verges frosted? Are puddles…

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