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Theory Training Workshops

Pass with Confidence – Drive Away your Anxiety!

Please see below dates and times for our group workshops.

Private course dates are arranged on request.

Maximum of 5 students on any group course.

September 2019

DurationDatesStart TimeFinish Time
1-day28th 10.0016.00

October 2019

DurationDatesStart TimeFinish Time
1-day5th 10.0016.00
2-day5th and 13th 11.0017.00
1-day19th 10.0016.00
2-day19th and 26th 10.0016.00

November 2019

DurationDatesStart TimeFinish Time
1-day2nd 10.0016.00
2-day2nd and 9th 10.0016.00
1-day16th 10.0016.00
1-day23rd 10.0016.00
2-day23rd and 30th 10.0016.00

December 2019

DurationDatesStart TimeFinish Time
1-day7th 10.0016.00
2-day7th and 14th 10.0016.00
1-day21st 10.0016.00

January 2020

DurationDatesStart TimeFinish Time
1-day11th 10.0016.00
2-day11th and 18th 10.0016.00
1-day25th 10.0016.00

PLEASE NOTE: Tutors will be available throughout the breaks to answer any additional questions and give extra help if needed.

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